Julio – (Adoption Pending)

Update – (6/14/15) Whoop Whoop!!! Julio is making big progress! As of today Julio has put on 4.9lbs since coming to Rescue NL.  This may not seem like a lot but 4.9lbs represents that our handsome man has increased his weight by 20% in just two weeks.  If Julio keeps up this pace he should reach a healthy weight in another 4 weeks!

Julio is a handsome non-neutered boy that will steal your love the moment you meet him. Julio came to us recently in very rough shape. He is timid, his ears have the tips chewed off and he is emaciated. Julio will see a vet in the near future to ensure he can get back to being a healthy weight and living a happy life.

As with all of our rescues we will post updates as Julio’s health improves.

If you would like to open up your home to Julio please fill out a foster or adoption application.


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