Peppercorn Willie & Oliver

Update – 8/19/2015 – Peppercorn and Oliver were seen by a vet today.  Although it will take a little time to get the results back from the bloodwork, it was made very clear to us that these horses are in a very poor condition that will likely take 6-12 months to address.  We were also told that even with the most optimistic prognosis for Oliver he will never be able to be ridden again.  That same optimistic prognosis would however see him living a comfortable pain free life which is our sincere hope.  These boys are approximately 300 lbs below their ideal healthy weight but our vet has given us strict guidelines as to how fast they should put on this weight.

We do not expect the next update to be any more positive as it will follow the farrier’s visit on Sunday.

These two beautiful boys are Rescue NL’s first equines. It has been a very busy few days but has paid off with these guys enjoying time out of a small barn and into fresh pasture for the first time in many, many months. Over the next few weeks these boys will get a full vet checkup, a farrier will work on their hooves, their teeth will be floated, and they will pack on some much needed pounds. Thanks to all who helped in this effort!  We will post regular updates on these boys and are excited to see them return to health … our next update will come after Wednesday when Peppercorn and Oliver will get a workup by their vet.

imagejpeg_4 IMG_20150816_154632

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