Ford – A Tribute From a Foster Family

Ford’s story touched our hearts.


An overweight, senior, black lab that was involved in a car accident, which took the life of his owner.  What a tragedy for a dog to see and live through.  As a senior dog, his world, was now changed forever.  Ford went from being spoiled, loved to death, to having no one to love him.

Ford was hard of hearing, had vision loss and mobility issues, however, Rescue NL made a home visit and thought that we were the perfect match for Ford.

Ford was the boss here without any sort of altercations, inside and outside.  He loved going for a walk in our yard to see the other animals on our farm.  He also loved his foster dad, who took Ford in the car and treated him.

Rescue NL was right.  Ford fit right in here.  Everyone loved Ford, even the ducks, chickens, horses, other dogs and cats.  Ford had a favorite friend, a black bunny named Jack.  Jack would greet Ford at the door and lay with Ford, on the outside deck on nice days.

Here in our home, Ford was our celebrity.  He loved when we had company. Ford had play dates with three other dogs.  A little kindergarten girl came to see him and she taught us compassion as she fed him one kibble at a time…  It was the only time he would eat kibble.  Inside he had his own bed, beside our bed, and a pillow.  Ford enjoyed flannel sheets and the air conditioning, but things changed.

Ford with visitor

Ford seemed to be troubled, and he would not settle.  He wandered, looking around and he was hard to console.  I found a way to appease him though, we walked outside in the moonlight.  Ford seen the ducks and chickens and horses sleeping.  Ford got the idea that he should be tired.

I massaged his tired legs that seemed to be getting weaker.  When I would stop rubbing, Ford would laugh and he would paw my hand wanting more.  He didn’t want me to stop!   So, I camped out on the living room floor beside him rubbing his belly.  I just knew Ford was moving from a senior dog to a palliative care dog.  I knew that this was the beginning to his end.

Ford and I spent our last night, together.  I rubbing his belly, while he slept.  I still cry because I miss him. I miss his goofy laugh, and his neck rolls.  The bunny misses Ford. All our animals seem sad too.

Ford taught me to sit and take the time to enjoy the moment.  I was the last thing he seen and he seemed happy to know I loved him and that he was going home.  I keep telling my animals, Ford had to go home with his real Mom

I really hope he is in heaven in the arms of angels. Xo


2 Comments on “Ford – A Tribute From a Foster Family

  1. Oh my gosh. You are so kind and sweet and generous to take this poor soul into your already full home when he needed help so badly. What a sweetheart he must have been. I am sorry he is gone but I am happy you got to spend time with him and he got to enjoy his last days in comfort and peace. 🙂 ❤

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