Simon and Theodore need your help

Simon & Theodore (once known as Hunter & Amour) have had a rough start at life. They both ended up at the vet at just 6 weeks old with aspiration pneumonia. The outlook was bleak for Theodore as he remained in the vet hooked up to IV. Simon was released and sent home on antibiotics. After looking into the symptoms and doing x-rays both pups were diagnosed with Mega Esophagus (a condition by which the esophagus is larger than normal and food does not stay down). This condition requires the pups to eat every 2-3 hours and to sit up right for 20 – 30 minutes after. It has meant many sleepless nights for the foster parents who work tirelessly to figure out what works for their foster pup.  Things as simple as the texture and consistency of the food prove very challenging, changing from day to day. Some days these pups are happy go lucky like normal pups, but many days and nights Simon and Theodore  are physically and emotionally exhausted from  never ending flare ups and are not able to keep their food in their stomach. Regurgitation is extremely worrisome as dogs with this type of illness are prone to aspiration pneumonia, which can be fatal.
Dogs with this condition can live a healthy life if the illness is managed well. There can be a number of causes for Mega Esophagus and a number of treatments depending on the initial cause. This condition can be congenitial, neurological or muscular. Depending on the cause of the ME medication or surgery may be options.
We believe every animal deserves the best chance possible at life and that is why we need to send these precious pups to PEI. Unfortunately, the specific testing cannot be done in Newfoundland  and we  NEED YOUR HELP to raise the money to send these babies to get the required testing to improve the quality and longevity of their lives.

Please donate on our GoFundMe  or send an etransfer to (password: puppies) or via PayPal on our webpage

**Also, because these puppies will need special care they will need to be accompained by an adult. We are looking for donations of flights via airmiles, aeroplan, etc

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