Harley’s Puppies – (Adopted! ;))

These beautiful pups now have names and will be ready to go to their furever homes in just 4.5 weeks.

If you would like to add one of these cuties to your fur family please fill out an adoption application.

Cali (Female): Adoption Pending

IMG_5818 IMG_5822


Jade (Female): Adoption Pending

IMG_5831 IMG_5838


Abby (Female): Adoption Pending

IMG_5810 IMG_5813


Warner (Male):

IMG_5785 IMG_5790


Jones (Male):

IMG_5797 IMG_5802


Jack (Male): Adoption Pending

IMG_5806 IMG_5809

2 Comments on “Harley’s Puppies – (Adopted! ;))

  1. What type of puppies are they that belong to Harley? How big is the expected size?


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