Moose – (In Foster Care)

Moose is a 6 yr. old Dane/Mastiff cross that came to us when his owner was unexpectedly hospitalized. Moose was rescued as a puppy by his owner in Florida where he was living with a police officer that abused him. Moose was lucky to be saved by his owner, but not so lucky to have to be separated from him during this difficult time. Last week Moose’s luck worsened when he got a condition called bloat. Bloat is the second biggest killer of large breed dogs, it is a common condition that happens most commonly in large, deep chested dogs. Moose had to have extensive surgery to save his life and he is recovering fine. The surgery was very expensive and the cost was $4, 711.00. It did not matter the cost Rescue NL had to save this precious boy. If you are someone you know can spare a few dollars please donate to Moose’s Surgery Fund. IMG_1308

2 Comments on “Moose – (In Foster Care)

    • Moose is a special case. His original owner has suffered serious medical issues and Rescue NL has taken on the care of Moose for the time being. It will take some time for the original owner to know if he will ever recover well enough to be able to care for Moose again. So Moose is not available.


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